Financial institutions
Monitoring and advice regarding the regulatory impacts of new rules
Cross-functional knowledge of banking and insurance law
Experience on market transparency and market abuse rules
International support for French actors (European passport)
Marketing in France of foreign players
Knowledge of cross-functional rules (canvassing, marketing, AML-CFT and asset freeze, ...)
Knowledge of consumer (B2C) vs. business (B2B) rules
Risk analysis for acquisition projects
Expertise in supervisory audits and management of disciplinary procedures
The added-value of La Tour International
Native level bi-lingual English and French
Proactive advice
Pragmatic approach beyond the legal requirements
Regular assistance with flat fees for defined services
Direct access to the top level expert (no intermediary)
Young fintechs and their investors
Comprehensive knowledge of the financial sector and of all the licensing requirements for the players
Good knowledge of the rules related to digitalization
Expertise in rules governing Anti-money laundering
Wide ranging expertise in rules governing payment (PSD2)
Expedient analysis of the main risks of non-compliance (legal due diligence)
Proven good reflexes on outsourcing/sub-contracting
The added-value of La Tour International
Knowledge of the market and major issues in the sector
Active participation in a professional association dedicated to the payment industry
Flexibility, pragmatism and detachment from the strict reading of the law
Customers of financial institutions
Mastery of anti-money laundering rules and financial sanctions
Wide experience in interpretating escheatment law, right to have an account and fraud payment
Broad knowledge of customer protection regulations
Expertise in applicable European rules and good knowledge of the Luxembourg market
The added-value of La Tour International
Expertise in advising, supporting and leading complex litigation
Comprehensive and functional knowledge of the financial sector needs and rules
Accuracy in the understanding of legal issues involving financial institutions
Tenacity for uncovering all scenarios and arguments and sound legal research
Non-financial institutions
Comprehensive expertise in drafting procedures, starting with risk mapping
Experience in defense of non-financial actors in disciplinary disputes (e.g. anti-money laundering) and assistance in criminal matters
Expert knowledge of the real estate (Hoguet law) and gaming sectors
Wide ranging expertise of contract law (drafting and contractual techniques)
The added-value of La Tour International
Wide ranging experience and interaction with the financial sector
Direct access to the leading expert (no intermediary)
An international structure with a human size
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