Business litigation
Commercial litigation (commercial agents, network and distribution litigation, breach of commercial relations)
Governance litigation (conflicts between partners, partnership agreements, ventures, associations, unions etc.)
Acquisition and post-acquisition litigation (legal and contractual warranties, liabilities, post-acquisition litigation)
Warranty litigation (management liability, environmental liabities, liability of intermediares such as consultants)
Financial litigation (in connection with bond issues or various financial investments)
International contract litigation
Insurance litigation
Real estate litigation
Securing tangible and intangible assets (protection of creditors' interests in third-party actions, assignment of payments, debt recovery)
Support for companies in difficulty
Criminal liability of companies and executives in investigations, inquiries or before trial courts
Management of seizures of movable and immovable property
The added-value of La Tour International
Support throughout the pre-litigation, litigation and collection phases
Solid experience put to good use in a personal strategy that's right for you
Combativeness and responsiveness
Collective procedures
Upstream: ad hoc mandate, conciliation...
Support for companies in difficulty, protection of creditors' interests, recovery by debtors
Close monitoring of proceedings
The added-value of La Tour International
Personalized determination of the appropriate procedure for your difficulties
Use of insolvency proceedings as a tool in complex disputes
Constant daily monitoring and frequent feedback to keep you informed
Intellectual property
Legal actions relating to : copyright, designs, neighboring rights, trademarks, RGPD
Brand portfolio analysis and monitoring
Analysis of competing trademarks
Prior art searches
Infringement actions
Actions for unfair competition and parasitism
Emergency measures: summary infringement proceedings, summary injunction, seizure for infringement
The added-value of La Tour International
A strategy tailored to your assets and challenges
A mastery of the intellectual property field crystallized by years of experience
Support at both advisory and litigation stages
The combination of our expertise in intellectual property with our business and economic skills enables you to enhance the value of your intangible assets
An international structure with a human size
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